Been awhile since……! Now I’m back


Re-visiting New Westminster memories with these ladies. A full-time mother, a daughter, a sister and a business woman. Is a bitter sweet experienced overall. I am stepping back for a while for now until then when the time is right. Maybe in a different business venture. Writing books is one of them and few more things in between.


Miss Petite Vancouver Canada Ashleen Chand



Miss Globe Internation Canada Tanpreet Palmar


Miss Universe Canada Kamilla Mihalik
Throwback- My previous client Sara. (  My bare face without makeup) This dress named after her “Sara dress”
Throwback-Breanne and I. Her wedding dress is in that bag.



Throwback – In New Westminster with Chelsea Rose Steffen photo shoot.



Recently, a bride-to- be named Tina pressed me on getting back on my blogging again. And she is very persistence that seems a new comer’s in your life  you knew them forever. An instant friendship developed just for a short while.  Act what you preach, she said.  It’s about time I think so too Tina, quietly telling myself as she stepped out from my studio today. Thank you Tina for the  beautiful card you made for me. And thank you for taking care of sick/well children as well. God bless always.


Behind the building jungle….

Yesterday in a cold winter day. Modelled by Nicole Biernacik, Photograph by Merly Bayona.I am not a professional photographer but a professional couturier (designer). Eventhough designing and making them is my profession,  I also like taking artistic  and fun pictures like this one.

Ellebay’s 2016 collection . A dress named after  “JORDAN”  One of our bride.

this dress is customized exclusively for brides who want something not seen in any bridal stores.

DSC_0311DSC_0342DSC_0324Stay tuned for more. Happy New Year to all…!


The making of a Barbara Dress at Ellebay atelier

” …she arrived at my studio excited and full of creative ideas of a design in which she envision to wear on her wedding day. Her ultimate “Dream Dress.”

At first, I was impressed with the complexities of her vision, but soon said to myself, “Wow!  Now this will be an adventure for us both.”

As the months went by, I transformed her vision into reality by engineering and constructing an exquisite dress that suited both her personality and delicate curves.

WA-LA…the Barbara dress was concieved.  Appropriately, as all my dresses are,  named after the first woman to wear it.
DSC_0160 2A very intricate hand sewn lace applique style of the dress this is, but I’m up to challenged. The more difficult dress to make the better it gets. It’s about courage and dedication. I’m always into trying to make something I  know when its done on how it looks like, or fitting wise look like. Sometimes a success sometimes disaster. On this dress it took me awhile to figured out on how to make it suit Barbara’s personality. Made mistakes but at the end it turns out very well done.
DSC_0164  A full cathedral veil that is also custom made.DSC_0171Hope you all like it. Congratulation Barbara< God bless you both!

…Been awhile since I’m in this page….

….to express my thoughts, my heart and my passion to what I love doing and making for the world to see. I’ve been so lost for a little while and still in the process adjusting every thing around me, pushing  myself to wake up each morning and try to have clear thoughts on what I should be doing during the 12 hour period. Fast forward, sometimes I want to disappear into thin air, sometimes I want to burry myself deep 9 yards under ground, sometimes I just stayed in bed 24 hours a day. But I’m back now. I hope for the better.

Thanks God, I have Him to guide me through each day. Without Him,Jesus Christ, I do not know where would I be. Being an artist and wedding dress designer stimulate my thoughts, my vision and  creativity to  a new stage of thinking.

Here one of our past bride Megan Dodsworth in Haley dress.
unnamed-1Our Hilary dress modelled by Ana Iggg. Taken  by me from Hycroft Manor. DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0012 And this  is our Hilary and Gabrielle dress by Warin@rychunphotographyunnamed-3Stay tune, There’s more to come…!:)

Hello again! It’s been awhile since my last post!

……No reason for it, just been really busy. Grads season’s over and brides almost too, but don’t count my words for it as I am helping my daughter Gaby/Truvelle making some of her overloaded order from her suppliers all over the world. Plus I am considering taking  2 out of 5 bridal stores who want to carry my line out side our city.  Would be great crazy exciting venture.  Keep you updated if I do!:)

Another thing;  New Westminster is not my home anymore but Vancouver. Here’s the picture of my new Live/work setting Atelier.

Great location!
DSC_0192 DSC_0196 This loft, where I sleep when not working. Cool place for a single person like me. Great location for dining out especially if you cannot cook as the studio is just 640sf. and wedding dresses hanging just besides the kitchen.DSC_0213 Keep you posted!🙂 Cheers