Out And About: Store Edition

A few days ago, I purchased a used SLR from a fellow which I found on craigslist. I figured many people would either be getting a new camera for Christmas or they would purchase a new one during the Boxing Day sales. For once I predicted correctly. After scoping out my options, I came across an ad selling an EOS Canon XS. No scratches on the screen, still had the original box, all of the original accessories, AND, I was able to meet the owner of it at his workplace (meaning that they’re confident enough that the camera would work to provide you with an access to harass them should there be any problems). Oh, did I mention that I got it for $300? No. Big. Deal. Below are pictures I took in the store with it. I’m no photographer, so the professional camera and I met half-way, held hands, and produced some satisfactory shots.


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