Day 9

My best friend visited Vancouver for a week, so we decided to go out for dinner. What better to do, than take advantage of Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out. The restaurant we opted for was Chambar, and it was amazing. If only it was always $38 for an absolutely delicious three-course gourmet meal.

But enough of the chit-chat, here’s the outfit!

Dress: Salvation Army (When initially purchased, I loved the blue portion of it, but hated the skirt. I bought it regardless, yet even after hemming it and taking it in, I was still unimpressed with how it fit. What I ended up doing was taking my black Wilfred 92% cotton/8% spandex skirt, putting it overtop the built-in skirt, and ruching it until at the desired length. Voila!)

Tights: Winners

Shoes: Aldo


It was a cold winter day (by Vancouver standards), so I had to wear a shirt under the dress. It wasn’t MEANT to be visible, but apparently it didn’t care for my preference. As well, the blue top dips in the back, but you’ll just have to take my word for that one. It’s honestly such a cute outfit- too bad I didn’t get a better picture of it.


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