The 2011 Grammys: The Unconventional

The thing about the Grammys is that everybody aims at eccentricity rather than being glamourous and beautiful. Here are a few of the more… out there looks.

Nicki Minaj, in a head-to-toe Givenchy creation. Her hair’s the creation of Frankenstein’s Bride (that’s right, I just unveiled her top fashion secret)

Really makes me wonder if she’s wearing a skin-coloured body suit underneath this Jean-Paul Gaultier dress. Doesn’t make me wonder about much else though, if you catch my drift. Eh eh eh?

The funny thing is, it almost seems appropriate for him to be wearing this ensemble.

I adore Katy Perry. Fashion-wise however, this is nothing ground-breaking. I mean, how often have we seen her in a sparkly bra?

Lady Gaga: Of course she would.


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