Day 15

Updated! Sorry, I’ve been so busy the past few days.

I have to skedaddle, so this will be a relatively quick post. I’ll type in more descriptions later!

On Tuesday night I moved to a new apartment. During this relocation of mine, it was a given that I would need to pack up my closet for the move to a new one. Considering that I downgraded from three closets to two, it was slightly difficult to fit all of my clothes inside. During my attempt to organize everything / stuff-it-all-in-a-dresser, it dawned on me that I really do have an excessive amount of clothes. What shocked me the most was the amount of pants I own (7 trousers, 6 high-waisted jeans, 9 skinnies, and 7 pairs of shorts, to be exact). For somebody who wears pants maybe 4 or 5 times a month, I’d say I’m justified in pointing out that those pant statistics are slightly troubling. For this reason, I opted to wear my Wilfred high-waisted jeans. Needless to say, I’m glad I made myself wear pants, because I had forgotten how cute these were.

Shirt: Salvation Army

Scarf: Salvation Army

Jacket: BCBG Max Azria (I went shopping with a friend in Gastown after these photos were taken, and got so many compliments on this piece! I’m definitely going to be wearing this more often.)

The heart charm fell off! I wouldn’t mind so much if I had lost it in the shop (because I could simply sew it back on), but I’m pretty sure it fell off as I was walking around New West. Worsssst =L

… So I just ripped the other one off. My thrifted shoes have lasted longer, just sayinnnn.

Thanks for reading!


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