Jason Wu

Due to the fact that I’ve been going through so many different fashion shows over the past few days, I’ve been half-assing the viewings and clicking solely on each show’s dresses. So far this method has been working out quite splendidly, considering I’ve surpassed the half-way point on the right-hand scroll bar (personal achievement, #21). Then I got to the Jason Wu show. I justified that the time I spent on seeing the whole affair and writing a post about it would simply take from the time I saved by skimming through everything else.

I really wanted to post all of the pieces (that’s right, we have another Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture situation), but I managed to narrow it down to a few looks from each category.

During the beginning of the show Jason Wu displayed many a ribbon ’round the neck. Though I usually detest when a designer uses the same piece on each look (to me, it seems to be the ‘easy way out’ to wrapping up the collection), Wu made each each ribbon-ed neck seem fresh and different from the design showcased seconds beforehand.

Another thing I enjoy? The fact that I can definitely recreate the look to the left. Don’t believe me? Check back tomorrow, and I expect $5 for losing the bet.

One thing that bugged me about most of the designers I viewed was that they didn’t take into account what looks flattering on a woman. Tight top + cinched waist + full skirt + black pumps = Hot Damn.

Also, check out the centre dress. I would never expect for olive and black to look chic, but apparently I’m wrong.

Loving the conservative, embellished tops. It’s a pity that graduation is during the summer, because if it wasn’t, my mum and I would have an excuse to design a sleeved prom dress

I know right? Wow. Just wow.



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