Day 25

There are two things that I am quite proud of that occurred during this glorious Tuesday. For one, the productivity; let me break it down. Woke up at a reasonable time, made breakfast, purchased my monthly bus pass, went to Vancouver for fabric, bought parts for the shop’s sewing machines, ordered new business cards in Burnaby, then went back to New West in time for a fitting at the shop- all before 3 o’clock. The second thing I’m proud of (but probably shouldn’t be) is that after two seasons of faithfully watching Jersey Shore, I can finally boast experience in the GTL lifestyle. That’s right folks, today I went to the gym, went to a tanning salon (there was JWoww tanning lotion, I kid you not), and topped it all off with doing some laundry. Nbd.

… And yes, I am quite aware of how unnecessary an opener that was, hahaha.

Anyways, on to the actual purpose of this post: Here’s today’s outfit =)

Shoes: Browns

Jeans: Seven For All Mankind

Sweater: The Salvation Army


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