Day 31

Sorry about yesterday’s lack of post! I had to rush out of the shop at 6:45, and though I quickly got my mum to take a photo, I didn’t have enough time to post it. Thought maybe afterwards I’d go back to Ellebay and pick up my laptop, but it was raining and I was cold, so I opted to be back home and sleep.

Yay for sorry excuses and the fact that people probably don’t care that much, hahaha. But here’s yesterday’s, and today’s will be coming up in a sec.

Sweater: The New West Salvation Army

Skirt: The New West Salvation Army (This one I love for the fact that it required no alterations. Usually thrifted skirts are far too long, which I can see looking cute on,  certain, ahem, tall persons, but not on myself.)

Shirt: Front and Company

Leggings: American Apparel

Shoes: The Victoria Salvation Army


2 thoughts on “Day 31

  1. I like your yellow sweater 🙂 if only there’s brown sweater, i would love it even more LOL! btw i love your blog 🙂

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