Day 32

I’ve been living in my new apartment for about a month now, and am still in the process of moving in. A few weeks ago I was doing a bit of magazine organization (I can fill a suitcase full of Vogues, which is slightly concerning and veeery heavy), when I decided to flip through a few pages and take a stroll down fashion memory lane. A large portion of the magazines are advertisements, and the ones that I look forward to seeing are always the Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade ones. Marc for it’s otherworldliness (not quite the word I’m looking for, but it’ll suffice until I remember what word I’d rather use), and Kate for its playfulness and grown-up juvenility. Also, unlike many designers, Kate Spade’s collections are quite wearable.


One thing that Kate Spade always does with their outfits is include a pop of colour. This fact I quite enjoy, and this exact fact I took as my own. I love fashion, and how much you can do with it.

Sweater: The New West Salvation Army

Blouse: The New West Salvation Army

Skirt: The New West Salvation Army

Tights: American Apparel

Shoes: Nine West


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