Cake Pop

Day two making the new dress (I can’t wait to show you all the finished product, btw!), and after a few hours, my mum and I decide a Starbucks run would be a suitable break. We were both going to tag team the journey across the block, but upon realization of the torrential downpour going on outside of the shop’s doors, my mother opted out and made me go by myself. When I arrived inside the coffee shop, I headed to the counter and realized an array of delicious looking pastries. Knowing how unreasonably priced Starbucks is with everything, I fought the temptation and ordered a vanilla chai latte for myself and a medium roast coffee for my mum. Once I finished my order, the lady asked me what dessert I would like with it. I assume she noticed the confused look on my face, because she proceeded to explain that Starbucks was doing a “Tribute Days” promo in which you received a free mini dessert with the purchase of every beverage. I selected the tiramisu cake pop, and so impressed was I by it, I decided to blog about it. Nom nom nom!


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