Button Button

A few weeks back as I was doing some laundry, I noticed a sweater which was missing a button. Instead of bringing to it the shop and promptly doing a button replacement, I opted to put it back in my closet, which is exactly where it sat as I overlooked it day after day.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago as I was making a fabric run to Dressew for my mother. On my way there, I noticed a quirky shop in Gastown by the name of Button Button. Intrigued, I went inside, and so amazed was I by the assortment of buttons that I vowed to return.

Then yesterday, I went back to Button Button with the intent of finding a replacement for the missing button mentioned earlier. As I scoured through container after container of buttons, I found these lovely clock ones. Instantly I fell in love and requested for the lady to charge me for four of them.

And now let me take you to present time, where I have just completed my button fix. Such an easy change and such a big difference. Now if only life were as easy as changing a button…

Project “Replace Buttons On All Sweaters In My Closet” is a go.



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