A Little Bit Of Redecoratin’

A couple of months ago, the antique store adjacent to Ellebay closed down. My mum, in an attempt to help the owners out, offered the basement of our shop as a temporary storage space so that they would be able to move out by their deadline. Fast forward to present day, and the basement is still filled with junk.

I’ve been resenting this fact for a while, considering it has remained static in the sheer volume of  rubbish since its initial move-in; I mean honestly- we have light fixtures which require a European plug-in. However, a couple of days when I walked into the shop, I noticed an evident change in the atmosphere; all around there were lovely picture frames adorning the walls. Upon inquiring with my mum as to how they had gotten there, she let me know that she had put them all up herself! My mum has good taste, she really does.

But enough with all of the chatter, here’s what’s been done! Apparently my mum ran out of nails, so it’s not quite finished yet, but when it is I will definitely be posting up s’more photos.


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