I admit- I check out everybody (in terms of their wardrobe). With this in mind, I would like to say that there certainly wasn’t an exception when Camille walked into the shop.

Usually it isn’t until a client’s second or third fitting that I muster the courage to ask to photograph them, but this time was different. Both of our parents are Filipino, so while they chatted away, I noticed her killing time on her cell phone. Since it was quite obvious that there wasn’t an air of urgency in her graduation dress excursion, I figured it would be slightly allowable to ask permission for a blog photo session. Here’re the results!

After photographing her, I asked for a quick run-through of where she got everything. Shyly she admitted to shopping cheap, and I reassured her that I did the exact same thing. There’s something about thrifting which forces one to dress with an offbeat charm, there really is.

Jacket: Value Village

Necklace: F as in Frank

Dress: H&M

Socks: Sears

Shoes: Winners

Also, after expressing my love for her choice in outerwear, she told me that it’s actually reversible! Needless to say I covet this piece.

And one last thing! Check out her blog, here’s the link:


2 thoughts on “Camille

  1. Hahahaha! These photos make me laugh at how awkward I am. I must admit, I tried to seem like I haven’t tried to take photos of my outfit before (when I am totally guilty of it) but ended up looking incredibly awkward.

    Must say, I love your blog! Definitely following!

    – Camille

    ps, peep mine! i made a little post about meeting you as well! haha

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