Neat Finds In Ellebay’s Basement #1

Last night, Rochelle and I took on the formidable task of organizing Ellebay’s basement for the upcoming closet sale. I never venture down there, but after my experience yesterday, I might just do it more often. Turns out that the shop’s lower floor is a hub for amazing finds! Check out what we unearthed yesterday:

Handcuffs (well, maybe not that amazing of a find, but comical nonetheless) and a very old camera.

A brand new set of leather luggage.

iPod speakers, complete with an old version of an iPod.

My old AP calculus textbook fro high school. How on earth that got down there is beyond me.

A mint condition copy of The Province which was published the day after 9-11.

An old “Hello My Name Is” tag. Wonder what the story behind this was…


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