Day 75

Not too long ago, I got a request asking me to include some photos of the alterations I do on my thrifted clothes. I’ve done the odd photo here and there of it, but I’ve never been consistent about it. This fact baffles me, because it’s excellent blogging material and something I will do regardless.

Here’s the blouse, pre-alteration.

I’ve always wanted a crop blouse, but they’re virtually impossible to find anywhere. So, figured might as well make my own! First, I put it on and pinned my preferred length, and then on to cutting it.

And then all I had to do was sew this ends to prevent it from fraying. All in all it took me around twenty minutes.

Crop Blouse: The Salvation Army, and altered (Now that I’ve seen it in photos, however, I’ve realized that I should have done a better job at the alterations, especially considering that this piece is featured in my post, hahaha)

Belt: The Salvation Army

Skirt: The Salvation Army, and altered

Bracelet: Made by my aunt

Tights: American Apparel

Shoes: Nine West


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