Thrift Store Finds #2

Apologies for the terrible white balance!

It’s likely that I’ll sew a lining onto the skirt. So odd that whoever designed this chose to include it for the top and not the bottom. As well, the gold belt was such a good find.

I’ll definitely have to put in a lining or wear something else under the dress to the left; it’s so transparent! The length needs some work as well. As for the dress on the left, not really my style, but it was from Wilfred and cost very little.

Just a simple linen dress! I’m excited to wear this for summer =). The bag I love as well, but it’s definitely difficult to carry much more than a wallet in there.

So happy that I found a dress that requires no hemming! It’s also very versatile; check out how good it looks with my Topshop loose shirt.

Yet another thrifted cardigan. I used to love really baggy boy-cardigans, but I’ve come around to appreciate proper fitting ones. As for the bag, I’ve decided I have too many like this. Sooo, I’ll be selling it during my closet sale that’s only a week away!


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