Closet Sale Documentation

A big thank you to all that came out last Saturday to the closet sale! It was a ton of fun to host, and will likely be a reoccurring thing. I mean, my friends and I are going to continue shopping, so why not? Plus, there’s still tonnnns of clothes in the shop’s basement which will need to be dealt with somehow, hahaha.

As for May 7th, here are some photos! My good friend Christopher Chung took them, and they’re great to look at. Enjoy!

The super sketchy alleyway people had to walk through to get to the sale.
More of the sketchy alleyway.
A big 'ol Hello Kitty that my friend Michelle was selling.
Jackets/blazers to the left, sweaters/vests to the right, creepy mannequin front and center.
Gotta love the set-up.
Gary makes an appearance! Whatta superstar.
I ❤ my hedgehog

And, the next few photos are ones that he took around New Westminster! Take some time to check out more of his work on his facebook page, because he’s definitely got some talent:


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