Ellebay Bridal Boutique’s May Photo Shoot

After much anticipation, I present to you a few of the photographs taken during the May 8th photo shoot of Ellebay Bridal Boutique’s collection! Jeffery Fairbank personally delivered a low-res disk to the shop this afternoon, and I was thrilled upon receiving them! They all look amazing, seriously.

The Maya Dress
The Lizzie Dress
The Gabriella Dress
The Rachel Dress
The Aimee Dress
The Errin Dress
The Kristen Dress
The Red Dress

A HUGE thanks to everybody who participated in this event! This could not have happened without all of you beautiful people. A drumroll for the credits, please…

Hair and Make-Up: Facade West Salon

Photography: Jeffery Fairbanks

Videographer and behind-the-scenes photographer: Eric Inasi

Assistant and behind-the-scenes photographer: Rochelle Robichaud

Assistant and odd-jobs: Jose Zaragosa

Maya and Aimee Dress Model: Nicolette Siemens

Lizzie and Errin Dress Model: Cheylene Poirier

Gabriella and Kristen Dress Model: Michelle Bowes

Rachel and Red Dress Model: Torri Ricks

Dress Design and Construction: Gabrielle and Merly Bayona


2 thoughts on “Ellebay Bridal Boutique’s May Photo Shoot

  1. Thanks Gaby, yes it was a fun day, You and your staff are great, the day went by smoothly. We are looking forward to working together again.
    Happy Grad & Wedding season!!! 🙂
    Amanda -facade west salon

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