May 20, 2011

I’ve been contributing some really late nights at Ellebay as of late, so when I told my mum that I had to leave early for my friend’s 20th birthday, I assured her that I would be productive before I left. So, keeping true to my word, I cleaned, set up, and did some hemming. However, when I got to the gown prepping part, I couldn’t find any white chiffon. Upon asking my mum where the chiffon was, she nonchalantly said, “Oh, we ran out of that.” Instant face palm because two girls were coming in for fittings the next morning and white chiffon was very necessary.

After a short-lived panic attack (I’ve been having so many as of late; it’s one of my many issues), I got to fixing this predicament. First off, I got to calling Rokko’s, our fabric supplier, so that they could prepare a roll of white chiffon for me to pick up. The next part was trickier. I don’t have a car, which is understandable due to the close skytrain proximity that both my apartment and the shop have. However, picking up fabric, especially large rolls of it, requires a vehicle. So, I went on a texting rampage, asking everybody I knew if they would be willing to take me from New Westminster to Vancouver and back again. For a couple of hours I was out of luck, with people saying they had work or people who simply didn’t reply (insert short-lived panic attack here). Just when I started thinking of a taxi, Rochelle replied saying she could, and off we went to the fabric shop soon after.

Next part was a breeze- pick up fabric, pay for fabric, drop fabric off at the shop, and my mum had the dresses ready for this morning. Disaster averted, thank goodness. Just another day in the life. Why she didn’t get me to buy more white chiffon when she realized we were out is beyond me.


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