Swatches Of A Beautiful Dress, For A Beautiful Girl

It’s obvious that a dominant portion of the time I spend cleaning will consist of picking up shards of fabric. Nowadays, that seems to be all that I do.

Yesterday while cleaning the shop for the billionth time this week, I thought about all the fabric that our business so willingly wastes. The worst part is that we aren’t just talking about tulle or cotton here- we’re talking silks and chiffons and laces.

Saddened, I thought about what can be done, and I arrived to this conclusion:

I spent a little slice of my day making these, and I’m quite happy with the result! It takes no time at all, makes use of fabric that’s too small to reuse, and is a thoughtful thing to give to clients when they order their gown. This particular swatch sample is for the Maya Dress, and I plan on making one for each of the shop’s designs. Now our girls won’t have to fret as much with color matching for their shoes and their date’s ties.

It certainly doesn’t solve the waste problem, but it’s a start!


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