Gaby’s Attempt At Making A Dress: Part Four

Did a couple’a things so far. Here’s how the skirt’s turning up:Not too impressive, I know, but it’s certainly a start! I’ve still gotta sew it together and ruche the top of the skirt so that the skirt is gathered and the waist isn’t huge. Also, the chiffon obviously needs to be put in.

This next part is a little bit more exciting. It’s still being made, but here’s what the bodice is looking like so far!

Take a moment to appreciate the pro-boning job. Smooth top for a not-so-smooth talker. Gotta compensate somehow.

I love the sequinned material used in our shop’s Maya dress, and I adore the knot used with the Gabriella dress’ bodice, so I combined the two! I gotta tell you, knotting the sequins without it looking bulky was a lot more work than I thought it would be.


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