Gaby’s Attempt At Making A Dress: Part Three

Putting the boning in was so frustrating. A job that takes my mum 20 minutes took me two hours, no joke.My first problem was lining the ends with fabric. When at right angles, boning is quite sharp and pointy, so it needs to be covered with cloth to prevent it from jabbing at your skin.

I don’t know why I struggled with this so much, considering how simple a task it seems. For some reason, the thread kept on getting jammed and the ends kept on fraying. And then, after I had finally finished lining everything, my mum tells me that the fabric I used was too thin and needs to be doubled over. Sigh…

Attaching the boning to the bodice was really difficult as well; the fabric kept on bunching up and the needle kept on breaking. My mum told me it was because I didn’t stretch the fabric enough as I was sewing it, but I’m convinced that the store’s sewing machine is haunted.

Good riddance.


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