Gaby’s Attempt At Making A Dress: Part Six

Constructing the skirt took me forever. I was initially planning on just sewing the bias pieces together and letting the ends be frayed, but my mother told me it would look ridiculous. I really wish I had just left it, because finishing the ends took forever. I’ll break it down for you:


Before I could even start finishing the sides, I had to cut off the frayed ends. Reason? When I fold the fabric over a centimetre to sew down, the frayed bits peak out. Fun fun fun…


And now onto finishing the sides. First off, I needed to fold over the fabric once and sew that down. Then, I had to fold it over a second time to lock it in place, as is demonstrated in this photo. Times that by three different sides per piece of fabric, multiplied by thirteen pieces. I’ve gotten ridiculously good at sewing straight lines.


And now onto the ironing board. Because the fabric had to be pulled when it was being sewn, it stretched out and became the curly mess that is demonstrated in photo #2. So, to make it otherwise, I had to iron it down. The thing is, this isn’t just quick back and forth ironing as is usually done with your cotton shirts. No no no. That would make the ends fold over as you ironed it and press them down in creases. Instead, I had to do variations of  steaming, pressing the iron down from above, and ironing the main fabric piece then working my way down to the end.


And finally, I was able to sew the pieces together. Since I want the skirt to have noticeable pieces throughout, I opted to just sew a few inches together from the top and leave the rest alone.


Took a break to be proud of what’s been done so far!


And now onto ruching the skirt. For more information about this, read my post about it after the jump!


Next, I attached the chiffon to the lining of the skirt. This wasn’t too difficult to do because it was just a straight line over the top of the two skirts. The main difficulty I had was making sure none of the loose ends folded up onto where I was going to sew.


Voila! Besides cleaning up the length, the skirt is finished!


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