The Favourites

Figured now would be a good time to do this. Presenting the ten outfits I had the most fun wearing!

DAY 32:

I felt like I fell right out of a Kate Spade commercial. Also, I felt very autumn, and it’s not very often that I feel like a season.


More often than not, especially at work, I avoid jeans like it’s the black plague. Perhaps it’s the striped crop sweater or the bow or the heels, but something about this felt right.


When I wore this to work, almost every single person asked me what faculty I was in. Thinking back to all of all of the raised eyebrows I got when I said that I didn’t attend UBC just makes me laugh a bit.


I found this Diane Von Furstenburg dress at the Sally Ann- such a fantastic find. Also, the bold pattern on the tights and subtle pattern on my blazer I adored.


I’m not the tallest girl, so it’s difficult for me to pull off longer hemlines without looking frumpy. However, when I found this skirt at the Salvation Army, I was ecstatic. Right away I went home and built an outfit around it, telling myself I would save it for a good occasion. Then, a few weeks later, I went to Victoria to visit Michelle and the occasion presented itself. If only fancy dinners could happen every night.


This was my favourite outfit. Finds like those lilac pants are precisely why I make regular trips to the men’s section of the Sally Ann.


WordPress is fantastic because it tells you what source your site hits are coming from. With this particular outfit, I got close to 50 hits from a website dedicated to girls in socks. Who even knew there was an audience for such a thing, eh?


I’m quite proud of all the pattern and material mixing that went into this outfit. Also, that denim dress has pockets. End of discussion.


It’s a little known fact that I have a weardrobe account. It’s also a little known fact that there’s a website called weardrobe, so allow me to explain. Basically, it’s for people who’re too wimpy to make a lookbook; people like me. Anyways, weardrobe has a featured section, and this outfit was the first one that got featured on the site. Personal goal achieved.


This outfit made me realize just how much of a difference one statement piece makes. Close your eyes and imagine this outfit with opaque black tights. Now look at it again. The purple heart tights really do make the look.

Again, thank you for reading everybody! I’m going to take a bit of a break from my outfit posts so that I can re-wear these, but I’ll be back before you know it 😉

– Gaby


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