Blake Lively

I have a massive girl-crush on Blake Lively.

A trio of my favourite looks from her hit show ‘Gossip Girl’. My next thrift shop goal is to find a sequinned skirt like the one she’s wearing to the left. Also, despite my adoration of the statement shoulder she has going on with all of these outfits, I have yet to find something similar that looks good on my 5″4 frame.

My oh my, does she ever look good with her dressed up blazers and mile-long legs.

Take a look at the centre photo directly above this sentence you are reading. Now, ponder this: Blake Lively wore this to a party that Chanel held in her honour. Can somebody hook me up with some Freaky Friday magic please?

I’ve said this before on my blog and I’ll say it again- black and white is never boring when done right.

And likewise with black. The lace detailing really makes each of these dresses go from yawn-worthy to fawn-worthy.

The attention to detail in every one of these dresses is magnificent. I’d love to design something like this for the shop, but our price would have to be way higher than most could afford.

It’s interesting to see how she’s matured from her Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants days (pictured left) to now (as pictured in the other two photos). She’s certainly gotten more experimental with her fashion choices.

And finally, after scoping out all of her gown photos, these three are my favourites. Such a stunning woman.


One thought on “Blake Lively

  1. Gosh- she looks good in EVERYTHING she wears. Amazing style, and I agree, I want a sequin skirt too! šŸ™‚ If you haven’t already, head over to where I am sure you will be able to find a perfect one!


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