Day 101

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back! A big thank you to those who checked back even though nothing was being posted. Seeing that a couple hundred checked back yesterday alone after over a week of not posting anything made me smile. And not just a “:)” kinda smile, but a “:D”.

As always, this past week at Ellebay Bridal Boutique has been manic. I’ve been spending more nights on the shop’s black love seat than on my inviting Serta mattress at home. I cannot wait until prom season is over. Seriously.

While I’ve been ignoring my own blog, I turned some of my attention to those of other gals. Out of all of the ones I had gone through, I found myself spending the most time on the blogs which featured a lot more photos and some interesting photography. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo-savvy friend constantly at my disposal, but I’ll try my best to harass people (probably Rochelle) who’re willing to have a mini photo shoots with me.

 But for the time being, here are a few photos I got my mum to quickly take. Enjoy!

Striped Sweater: The Salvation Army

Polka Dot Shirt: The Salvation Army

Patterned Skirt: The Salvation Army

Tights: The Bay

Sparkle Black Flats: Nine West

Yellow Cloth Bag: A stand in The Philippines

See you all tomorrow! =)


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