Day 103

Ellebay’s busy season is making a hasty exit, despite its attention grabbing entrances and appearances throughout the past six months. So out of character was this happening, I didn’t know what to make of how empty our order binder is becoming. After pondering this phenomenon for a whole two minutes, I figured might as well smile and be happy about it.

No, but really- I am happy. Though the shear amount of clients we have is fantastic by the numbers, it’s not exactly buddy-buddy with my social life and sleeping habits.

Oh life, how you’ve been treating me. Also, how you’ve taught me the beauty of the kitten heel. Take my word for it when I say that a 5 inch heel doesn’t work too well with a 5 AM return home. These ones are pretty unexciting, so I’m thinking of heading to the mall for a better pair in the near future. Because people are able to do things like that when they aren’t working 20 hour days.

On an entirely different note, I really hope the Canucks win the game tomorrow. Crossed fingers, and I’ll try to post something up tomorrow!

<3, Gabrielle Bayona



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