July’s Dress Project: Part 2

Here’s a confession: I had the resources to upload these photos yesterday night, but chose not to. Why? Because I want to get back into the habit of posting regularly, and splitting this project up made for an easy post. Who’s shameless? I’m shameless.

Anyways, back to the photos. Check it out! Starting to look a lot like the bodice of a dress, eh?

I remember cutting this. The nice thing about stitching is that you get second chances. You messed up? Oh that’s fine, just remove the stitch. Cutting, however, is a different story completely. You cut where you aren’t supposed to, and just like that you need to readjust your pattern. It’s not too big a deal when you’re cutting seven-dollar-per-yard lining, but with $150 lace, mistakes are less forgivable. Boy, was I nervous.


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