Coloured Wedding Gowns

This afternoon, I paid a visit to Chapters and invested $15 on my favorite of all bridal magazines: “The Knot”. My inspiration well has been running dry, so I figured 484 pages of glossy, bridal-related pages would be suitable replenishment.

I’ve been flipping through issues of this publication for years, so it takes a lot to impress me. It’s unbelievable how static the bridal industry remains in its dress designs. A lot of dresses are near replicas of seasons past, with the same old bead/satin/train combination.

This is exactly why when I got to the photo below, I couldn’t help but stop and stare.

Ever since one of our brides purchased a coloured wedding dress, I’ve been obsessed with all things unconventional. I’m getting tired of stark white wedding gowns; it’s been around for far too long! Perhaps this feeling is due to an ignorance to tradition, but I’m sure many brides have toyed with the idea but are afraid to take the jump.

Right after seeing this photo, I took the bus to Rokko’s and went on a chiffon hunt for a new dress design at Ellebay. I’m terribly picky with colours; after about an hour I narrowed my selection down to three mauve-ish colours and four soft blue colours. Each colour was so similar yet so different, so I turned to a second opinion from one of Rokko’s employees.

 Looking at the chiffons now, I’m extremely pleased with the final colour choices! Photos never do this kind of things justice, but it definitely gives a decent visual for you all. Enjoy!


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