The Making Of The Light Blue Dress, Part 2


Day two of dress making! I spent the better part of today doing school work, so the dress body was completed by the time I arrived at the shop. Here’s what it looked like after some fit adjustments were made!

The beautiful thing about a custom-made dress is the fit. It takes magic to make a perfectly fitting gown when it features a deep sweetheart and low back.

Also, note that I am still too short for this dress even when standing on two platforms. Oh, the joys of having Filipino blood.

Anyways, here’re a few photos of the ruching process:

The ruching above took ages! The thing I hate about draping is that you can’t force fabric to fall the way you want it to. Thing is, a pretty skirt involves pretty draping, so I had to take a deep breath and trek through it all.

After every fold was carefully constructed, a steam iron was put to the bodice to finalize the pleats.

The entire bodice of this dress will be hand-sewn on. Here at Ellebay, we like doing things the fast way. Here at Ellebay, we like being sarcastic.

After a minor injury (I have a knack for getting pricked), the waist line was finished!

Here’s how today ended off! Tomorrow’s to-do list:

1. Finish stitching the chiffon to the bodice
2. Replicate the draping of the right side to the left, resulting in a crossing of the two parts at the dip of the neckline
3. (Time allowing!) Hand stitch the left draping

Talk to you all tomorrow!
– Gaby Bayona 


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