Designing The Light Green Dress

I just realized that this has been saved as a wordpress draft for ages! I have no idea why it didn’t get posted upon completion. Better late then never, and I suppose this was good timing because I’m having a photo shoot tomorrow with this gown! Photos of that will be posted Saturday, so be sure to check back for the finished product =)


A few months back, a bride-to-be visited Columbia Street in search of her dream wedding gown. Initially drawn to the dresses displayed in our shop’s window, she walked in and browsed through our inventory. Soon after, I set up a changing room with a few dresses, and the rest was history! All of the dresses looked beautiful on her, and a month later she came in to order her favorite of the gowns she tried on.

The chosen gown wasn’t a conventional wedding dress, nor was it a conventional colour (it was ‘almond’, not white). Needless to say, I was quite impressed in her confidence to resist conforming to the bridal gown norm. Little did I know that I was about to be impressed even more, for she wanted to experiment even further with colour. Upon hearing this, I referred her to Rokko’s (our go-to fabric shop), and a few weeks later she returned to the shop with a swatch of a beautiful and fresh blue-green chiffon.

This was when the problem arose. I went to Rokko’s a couple of weeks later to purchase nineteen yards of her chiffon, only to discover that they no longer had that colour in stock. This resulted in an entire day devoted to finding the colour at other fabric shops, all in vain. Disappointed, I returned to Rokko’s to get a few colour swatches similar to the colour she had originally chosen, and gave her a call informing her of the whole chiffon situation. Soon after, she visited the shop and opted for a very soft green tea chiffon.

As my mum and I were making her dress, we fell more and more in love with the green tea chiffon. We toyed with the idea of making a new dress out of it, but didn’t finalize our decision until we saw our bride in her finished dress. She looked absolutely divine in her wedding gown, and the colour made her tanned skin radiate.

Fast forward to a visit to Rokko’s a few weeks ago, in which I promptly walked to the front desk and requested to order all of the green tea chiffon they had in stock.

 The dress showcased in the below video is made with that fabric, and trust me when I say the video doesn’t do the colour justice.

PS: Sorry about the terrible video quality! Believe me, it’s difficult to shoot a video of yourself without a tripod and when using a 50mm lens. I did a lot of couch-moving and camera balancing in order to obtain this footage hahaha.


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