The September Update!

I’ve had a crazy week! From the store renovations (everything’s turning out to be awesome, btw!), to my school work, to the fact that I’ve been busy with birthday celebrations- time has definitely been fleeting. However, it seems things are finally starting to slow down, and maybe (just maybe) that’ll mean the luxury of a proper night’s sleep. Besides the sleep factor, I have a few more things lined up, which I will definitely keep you guys posted on! Here’re a couple projects I’m working on right now:

1) Project ‘Make New Business Cards’
Ellebay’s relocating, which obviously means a change in address. I was originally gonna be lazy about it and use our old business card format with a minor adjustment to the address… but, I’m kinda sick of them and figured a change is much needed.

The front of my current business card.
The back of my current business card.

I’m excited to start doing this because my photoshop skills have gotten considerably better since making these. I have no idea what to do with the front, but for the back I’m leaning towards doing an assortment of different pictures showcasing each of our gowns. I don’t want the shop to have more than fifteen different dress designs at once, so this feat is completely manageable and realistic. On my mum’s business card (not pictured above) there’s a simplified mannequin where we draw pictures of each client’s favourite dress, so this would eliminate the need for it because we can just select the card with the dress picture. I hope that makes sense; sometimes I feel like I’m just rambling on here!

2) Project ‘Make Dress Labels’
Right now, our completed gowns have no label; nothing which shows that Ellebay was the designer and maker. It’s silly not having one, and I have no idea why doing something like this keeps getting put off. I mean, it’s not like we just opened the shop last week- it’s been a year and a half, and we’ve made tons of dresses. 

3) Project ‘Decorate The New Shop’
So the store’s all painted, but there’s still the problem of it looking ridiculously empty.

I’ve been frequenting for inspiration, but I’m no interior designer, so it’s been a struggle trying to visualize what the final product will look like. Right now I’m just hoping for the best, hahaha. Wish my mum and I luck on this one!

4) Project ‘Make New Dresses’
This is definitely going to be an ongoing project. However, I’m super stoked because we found a new fabric supplier which has toooons of beautiful beaded, sequinned, silky, and lace-y materials! Ellebay doesn’t use many of these mediums due to cost factors (we’re a small business, after all!), but this place is wholesale (as opposed to the retail prices we’ve been spending), so we’re able to get competitive pricing without sacrificing fabric quality. I’m going in tomorrow to place an order, and the orders take a week or two to come in! Expect to see a bunch’a new stuff shortly!

– Gabrielle Bayona


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