The Lauren Dress

Who here recognizes this dress?  

I love this gown for three main reasons:

  1. The colour of this dress is amazing- to me, a bride should look fresh and vibrant on her wedding day, and this colour sings both of these at the top of its lungs.
  2. Low back and a low top… how does that even stay up? Well, it does, and it does so quite well in fact. Ah-mazing.
  3. There’s beauty in the details – check out the the top chiffon layer that’s completely hand sewn, admire the delicate buttons lining the back, and look at that big ‘ol silk flower on the waist.

Drumroll please…

(da da dum)

 Devan Geselle: You were an amazing model and such a pleasure to work with. This gal did her own make-up, knew exactly how to pose, braved the cold weather, AND was such a goofball! You’re nothing short of a superstar, seriously.

(da da dum)

Elliot Pieters: It’s thanks to this guy that we took photos on a train. My theory? Sometimes you actually need somebody with balls to do balls-ey things. Eternal gratitude (yet again!) goes out to you for coming out and helping me with this shoot. As for next time… late night nachos and sangria? I think so.

(da da dum)

Dawna at arOka Vintage: Who here ogled at the amazing set-up displayed in the first set of photos? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. ArOka Vintage, right up the street from Ellebay (on Begbie Street), is a vintage lover’s paradise. Specializing in rentable vintage decor, this shop is a must-see for anybody thinking of doing a vintage wedding. Even if you aren’t getting married, check out the shop just to meet Dawna. Such an awesome individual, really.

– Gabrielle Bayona

 PS: That (da da dum) I did before each thank you blurb was supposed to resemble a drumroll.


8 thoughts on “The Lauren Dress

  1. hey gaby!!! its moe… i always check your blog to check out the gorgeous gowns you and your mother make. i also check to see what outfits you put together because i simply looove your style!! but i did have one question. what kind of camera does elliot use when he takes the pictures of the girls in the gowns? the clarity is amazing. im in the market to buying one and would love to know which one elliott uses because the pictures are awesome. thanks!

  2. Awww, thanks Moe! =)

    I’m actually the one who does all of the photography during the shoots, and I occasionally do the hair and make-up too. I have a Canon T2i, and it’s been amazing for me. It takes great photos, has good stabilization, and shoots pretty decent videos. The lens I use is a 50mm prime lens, which I would definitely recommend investing in. It’s pretty cheap by way of camera lenses (about $115) and has an amazing depth of field. Hopefully that helps!

    – Gaby

  3. Devan radiates pure beauty and always has a bit of mischief behind those adorable eyes. I think it makes her so much more than just a pretty lady but a true example of the vision the photographers are trying to portray! I hope to see more of her around!!! Awesome pics, beautiful model, amazing dress!

  4. Thank you Alisha!

    Devan was amazing to work with; she required little to no direction, and was able to keep the entire shoot fun and light. I’m so happy to have worked with her!

    – Gabrielle Bayona

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