Old Friend, New Friend

Allow me to take you on a tour of the current Ellebay Bridal Boutique and the soon-to-be Ellebay Bridal Boutique.

The outside of the shop! I’m going to miss walking through these doors, and I’m going to especially miss all those people who tried to push the front door open when the sign above the door handle clearly says “PULL”. Thank you, pushers, for waking me up on those days when I was dosing in the shop’s front desk. And no, there wasn’t any sarcasm there.

Lemme tell you, I will certainly NOT miss that horrendous green carpet that my mum was so keen on because it only cost $50. Nor will I miss those fitting rooms, which were confusing to get in and out of. I will miss the wallpaper though- that wallpaper was really nice.

Inventory-wise, I want to place a strong emphasis on a small and selective dress collection. That being said, almost all of the items on those wooden rack-things will be going on sale. “Like” Ellebay’s facebook page, as more information about the sale will be posted as we begin to finalize everything: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ellebay-Bridal-Boutique/126270160770841

Saying that Ellebay’s sewing room is “messy” is a huge understatement. You can’t tell as much in the picture, but it looks like a natural disaster happened in there. A lot of things has already been moved / thrown out, but it honestly looks like nothing has changed.

I just came home from organizing this. After an hour spent clearing the table, I spent another hour sorting through the clear plastic drawer to the left. Not looking forward to finishing this tomorrow.

Aaaand, here’s the outside of the new store! As you can tell, it’s MUCH bigger than our old store.

You’re currently looking at the fitting room area! I stage needs to be built, mirrors need to be installed, proper lighting is a must, and couches / end tables / decorative touches will eventually find its way in.

Proper fitting rooms! With a door and a handle and everything! Luxury has hit its pinnacle.

The outside of Ellebay’s new and improved sewing room. The wallpaper is made from vintage pattern paper I found in the basement.

It’s pretty messy right now, but once it’s completed it’ll be much more functional and spacious than our current sewing room. Alex Martin, our contractor, did a fantastic job on keeping with our budget for this.

Behind the sewing room, we have a great space for dress and supply storage. Also, notice that fridge and microwave? Hello, mini-kitchen!

I’m pretty happy with everything except the shop’s lighting. First off, the bulbs are all different: some are warm, some are cool, some are soft, some are hard. Secondly, the lights in the showroom do not work. Third, there isn’t enough lighting. I’ve been hunting around with our contractor for suitable replacements, so hopefully that will all be figured out by this weekend.

The floors are in pretty bad condition too, mainly due to the lack of professional painters. It’s latex based, so it’s possible to scrub this stuff off, but it’s not necessarily going to be easy to clean the floors of the whole store.

For those who actually read this post, thanks for reading! It’s not as interesting as my dress posts, but I figured might as well keep everybody updated about what’s happening with the shop.

– Gabrielle Bayona


4 thoughts on “Old Friend, New Friend

  1. This one’s super easy to do, because it’s simply wallpaper glue and the vintage patterns!

    1) With the wallpaper glue, I painted the area where I was going to put the pattern paper on.
    2) Next, I took the pattern paper and put it on the coated wall. This part was pretty tricky because the paper is very flimsy and susceptible to breaking and wrinking on the wall.
    3) Once it’s on the wall, I painted the pattern again with wallpaper glue. This helped with air bubbles underneath the patterns and gave the paper a gloss when it was dry. Again, the pattern paper is super flimsy, so if it gets really soggy and you stroke a paintbrush over it, parts will tear and rip off.

    Hopefully that helps, and thanks for checking out my blog! =)

  2. When’s the place going to be finished? 🙂
    – Smriti

    PS I still want to visit the store sometime lol. It’s just that I’ve been flogged with work lately, working 6 days a week aaaaah! WS really needs more hosts right now.

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