So, What’s The Deal With Lining?

A lot of people ask me why the colour of lining is important. I mean, don’t you kinda not really see it because it’s hidden underneath the dress? Think again! My mum and I are in the process of designing a new dress for all you lovely readers out there, and here’s my lining dilemma.

Presenting the fabric of choice! I forgot to change my camera’s white balance, so this isn’t a very true representation of the colour. In real life it’s quite a fetching mauve 😉

And these are the linings we have in stock! For those wondering why we don’t just use a purple lining, allow me to explain. Ellebay purchases fabrics from local fabric shops, not international fabric suppliers. For this reason, the colours we get are dependant on the colours which are in stock. It’s risky to use, say, a purple lining, because the charmeuse may be out of stock next month, leaving us in big trouble. Basic colours, such as whites, blacks, creams, and champagnes are consistent, so we stick to those.

The importance of lining is a lot more prominent when the fabric is put overtop.
1) The white charmeuse (top left) lightens up the chiffon and gives a bit of freshness to it.
2) The champagne charmeuse (bottom) darkens it and gives it a brown undertone.
3) The cream charmeuse (top right) gives it warmer colouring.

Of course, once the chiffon gets layered overtop, these differences aren’t as noticeable, but it’s still there. I’m thinking of using the white lining for this project, if you’re wondering!

– Gabrielle Bayona

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