Savannah’s Prom Dress


When Savannah first walked into Ellebay Bridal Boutique, she was drawn to two very different dresses- our Gabriella Dress and our Rachel Dress.

LEFT: The Rachel Dress // RIGHT: The Gabriella Dress

They both looked gorgeous on her, so how did she choose between them? Well, Ellebay is a custom dress shop, after all. Featuring Gabriella’s bodice and Rachel’s skirt, we constructed a prom dress which was completely Savannah’s own. Who would’a thought they’d look so good when merged, hey?

I love shooting outdoors, so many of these photo shoots have been weather dependant. Savannah and I had initially planned on shooting earlier in the week, but due to the rain we cancelled. This girl was amazing despite the last minute nature of this particular shoot, so for that I’d like to give a big thank you to Savannah! You were an amazing model, and were incredibly easy to work with both yesterday and while you were getting your dress from us =)

– Gabrielle Bayona






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