The Gabriella Dress, Revised



Today, my mum and I are doing some dress improvements. Dress of choice? Our “Gabriella” dress. This dress was our most requested last year, so it’s gone through our sewing room more than a few times. Each instance my mum makes a dress, she gets better and faster at doing it through trial and error. Don’t get me wrong – our current sample dress is absolutely gorgeous. However, there’re some changes we’ve been itching to do, which includes:

  1. Making the dress longer. It’s a little known fact that our Gabriella dress was named after me. Why? I’ll let you in on a secret – it was my graduation dress. I’m only 5”4, so the dress was made for a person who’s 5”4.
  2. Lower the back. Almost every single Gabriella dress sold last year had a request for a low back. We figured we might as well cut to the chase and make our sample feature a lowered back.
  3. Fix the bodice. The bodice of this dress is a huge selling feature- it’s beautifully hand ruched, and very flattering when put on. However, the waist line sits a bit lower than the natural waist, which subtly suggests a longer torso and shorter legs.
  4. Remove the drop waist.Our current Gabriella Dress features a drop waist, which is honestly one of my favorite features of the dress because it gives extra support and acts like spanx on your stomach. This feature is a made-to-fit thing though, as having the drop waist means you need to have the exact same waist, hip, and butt size as me. Removing it also helps to keep the cost down.



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