What’s In A Name?

One of my favorite stories to tell is how each of Ellebay’s gowns got its name. I’d like to apologize in advance if this write-up is hard to follow- I’m feeling sick and have Tylonol running through my veins.

When my mum and I first began to make dresses, we took cues from other dress makers and gave our gowns style numbers, such as 12032 or E39472. It looked pretty impressive, but at the same time, it made it difficult to communicate what dress we were talking about. Next, we tried a different approach, instead opting to give our dresses various female names. I recall spending a night in front of my computer, avidly searching though the top girl names of 2010. This system certainly worked better than the number system, but it was still very difficult to remember which name referred to which dress. Enter our busy season, when our styles began getting purchased. Soon, my mum and abandon our “Angelina” dress in favour of “that-dress-that-Rachel-got”. Soon, as more dresses were made and more were sold, we decided it only made sense to name the dress after the first girl who purchased it.

Enter Maya, who came to the shop and ordered what is now our “Maya” dress. The name fits the gown perfectly, and boy, does she embody the dress as well. A couple of months ago, I asked her if she would be interested in modeling her gown for me, and to my pleasure she said yes! Here’re the fruits of our labour, and enjoy!


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