The Lace Dress

A material shipment for Ellebay came in yesterday!!

In our shipment, we received some sequined material for our Rachel dress, a beautiful seersucker silk chiffon, and two gorgeous laces. The latter was particularly thrilling, as designing a lace dress has been on my bucket list for the past few months.

I was super excited, and of course decided to play around with everything. Here’s what the lace looks like pinned to a mannequin- so stoked to start working on this. =)

I didn’t take a picture of the lining I used, so I’ll fill you in using words. Basically, I took one of Ellebay’s crinolines, put some ivory charmeuse overtop, and BAM: dress lining. Easy-peasy!

I didn’t want to cut the lace for fear of ruining it, so I opted to create the skirt with pleating. When we construct the dress, however, it’ll probably be cut to be A-line.

The lace’s edge is stunning, so I decided to work with it when fashioning the bodice.

We’re also thinking of putting full-length sleeves on here! Well, my mum is- I’m thinking of straps. We’ll have to decide on that later on in the design process

I’m also thinking of making the V deeper, and possibly adding glass button in the front or back. So many possibilities, I can’t wait to start working on it!

– Gabrielle Bayona



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