The Lace Dress #2


Yesterday we began making our lace dress, and of course I had to document it for all of my adoring fans (uh, no gaby… what are you talking about). Anyways … As I was saying before my sad attempt at a joke, indeed the dress is being made, and my mum and I stayed at the shop until 3am to present you with the following pictures 😉

Presenting Ellebay’s very first intern, Abigail! Finally, I will have somebody my age to talk to, hahaha. After getting this lovely lady acquainted with the shop, we got her to do some fabric cutting for the lace dress.

When making new patterns, we often build off an existing pattern. Since it’s always better to have extra fabric when doing these things, I commissioned Abigail to add half an inch to the top and bottom of each pattern piece.

At around six, I had to leave for a family dinner, and when I got back to the shop, Abigail had taken the initiative to iron on some interfacing and cut the edges before she left! Yesterday was her first day and already she’s picking things up, smart girl.

After each piece was evened out, I had to pin them together. At this point I tried to convince my mum to sew it together instead of me, with my main argument being that I hadn’t sewn since I started school in August. She took my argument and turned it against me, saying that I really needed to pick up sewing again. Oh, working with family…

Sewing this took so much longer than necessary, but thank goodness I can still sew straight. Maybe I do need some practice…

Next, the dress had to be fitted. As you can see, the bodice doesn’t fit very well, especially at the chest. This may be due to the size of my chest or the pattern, but for my sake, let’s just call it the pattern’s fault.

To make it fit properly, my mum engaged in lots of seam ripping and repinning. This photo was taken in the middle of doing it, but by the end of my fitting, there were pins everywhere. It’s a good thing I’m not afraid of needles.

Another reason for our heavy emphasis on fit is due to the low back the dress features. Basically, the lower the back, the less support in the bodice. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, the dress will feel very loose and very uncomfortable.

After the bodice was fixed to accommodate the style/size adjustments, we separated and ironed it. Why? To make a pattern of course!

Here you go: proof that Ellebay makes our own patterns. Until the dress gets a name ( ), this pattern will be called “The Lace Dress”.

During all of that pattern excitement (wahooooo), my mum was sewing together the lining of the skirt!

And as she was finishing up the skirt lining, I was recutting the second bodice set to match the new and improved lining of the first.

During this stage, I realized that the lining was far too ivory for the fabric. I tried to convince myself otherwise, but the more I looked at it the more I wished the fabric was an off-white colour. So, all that work up there? Had to re-do it, minus making the pattern. Ugh.

At this point it was already 2:30am, so I quickly took the new pattern and re-cut the lining using off-white chiffon.

More photos/descriptions of the dress’s progress will be posted tomorrow! Talk to you later =)

– Gabrielle Bayona


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