My Tea Dying Experience

Tea dying was far easier than expected! Turned on the stove, played some tunes, and the rest is history documented with photos.

I opted for black teas because I wanted more of a brown colour, but I read somewhere that chamomile makes for a lovely antique colour and can definitely be used too! I’m sure you don’t need to use an assortment of teas like I had, but I like Earl Grey a lot (and didn’t want to waste it) and don’t see myself drinking a lot of my mum’s random Asian tea.

Next, I brewed the tea. I left it in the pot for a while because a stronger tea will make for a more concentrated colour.

Then I removed the tea bags, plugged the sink, and poured our tea in! I didn’t want the colour to be too strong, so I let the tap run for a while. For all those who are wondering, yes- I did clean my sink.

After a moment of hesitation, I put the lace in. About 30 seconds in I got really scared and removed it, only to realize nothing would happen until I let it soak (duh Gaby). So, I got more confident and soaked it for about fifteen minutes. While it was soaking, I made sure to move the lace around to ensure all of it was fully submerged and in direct contact with the tea dye, as I had read somewhere that leaving it by itself makes for certain areas to be darker than others.

After we removed the lace from the sink, we rang it out and patted it down with a towel. Then, we put our dryer on “air fluff” mode and let the lace dry there. All in all, it wasn’t too bad an experience, and it gave the lace a lovely soft colouring. In the photo above, the lace to the right was the original and the one to the left was our lace after being dyed in tea!

– Gabrielle Bayona


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