The Little Things That Make You Smile / Roseanne’s Wedding

The other day, I received a letter from one of our summer brides. All of our clients give my mum and I a verbal thank you, but I’ve never had anybody who went through the trouble of writing a note and mailing it to our shop. I was so touched, and my mum was smiling all day from this. Thank you so much, Roseanne, for your thoughtfulness. Really, your letter meant so much 🙂

Thumbs up for thank you cards!

On Roseanne’s card, I was given a link to her wedding album, and couldn’t help but drool over all the details of her wedding! More can be viewed on the blog of the amazing Fran Chelico, but here are some of my favourites from Roseanne’s wedding!

So beautiful, hey? Just as amazing were the decorations. I was absolutely floored when I read on Fran’s blog that the look of the wedding was done by Roseanne (who should seriously consider a career in event decorating). I just adored all of the details here and there, and can’t help but post them on here as well:

If any of Ellebay’s brides read this, please send photos to ! I’d love to see what you guys have all done with your weddings =)

– Gabrielle Bayona


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