Vera Wang’s 2012 Bridal Collection

A few weeks ago, Vera Wang presented her much anticipated bridal collection for Fall 2012. Seeing as I’m into the whole bridal thing (who would’a guessed?), I was really excited for her collection and made sure to find some time in my day to look and analyze it. So there I was- oooohing and awwwing over her masterful pleating and etherial offerings, when suddenly there was a huge shift. BAM- a black dress. Then another… and another. I was shocked! Yes, coloured wedding dresses are certainly garnering some attention among the brave few, but black? I’m always down for the unconventional, but even I couldn’t help a raised eyebrow. Looking past the colour, they’re gorgeous dresses- but it’s definitely a risk! Who knows, maybe it’ll become the next big wedding trend. I mean, it is Vera Wang after all…

The theme of this collection was witchcraft, and here’re a few copy and pasted words from Vera’s blog: “Light, airy, concoctions of froth…. inspired by black and nude undergarments, both mysterious and sexy, frivolous and fun, with transparent wisps of carefully organized tulle.”

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts! I love hearing feedback from you guys =)

Also, expect a new blog post later tonight! It’ll be about the makings of a new dress at Ellebay 😉

– Gabrielle Bayona


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