Ellebay’s 8Tracks Playlist

Anybody who’s been on my computer will know that both facebook and 8tracks are always open. Facebook for obvious reasons (I mean, who isn’t addicted to facebook these days?), and 8tracks for other reasons. 8tracks is handcrafted internet radio, free of commercials and filled with brilliance. Basically, it’s a free site where people can make music diaries filled with their favourite tunes. Discovering 8tracks was a blessing- all I had to do was find like-minded people and just like that I had a playlist for every single emotion and feeling I could ever conjure up (including some other feelings I hadn’t even thought of yet!).

Those keeping up with my blog will know that Ellebay houses a fabulous intern named Abigail. She’ll be making some 8tracks ear-candy every other week highlighting music played at Ellebay Bridal Boutique. I’ll probably do some every now and then, but that’s a maybe :P. Click on the 8tracks logo below for this week’s playlist, and check back soon for more!


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