The Making Of The Lace “Maya” Dress : Part 3

Allow me to begin this post with an amusing photograph:

The person sleeping on the couch is my mother. You see that macbook on the left? It was connected to speakers blasting dubstep- heavy bass and all. You need to be a whole new level of tired to be able to sleep through that. What makes this especially funny for me is knowing that she’ll read this later and probably get annoyed with me. Also, usually it’s me sleeping on that couch, not her. Oh, how the tables have turned…

Anyways, back to business. The dress-making business, that is.

My mum was asleep, so I rose to the occasion and worked on this dress by myself. Luckily this was more on the pinning side and less on the sewing side.

After who knows how long, the skirt was pinned all nice and proper. Once again, the notion that I’m not nearly as fast as my mum was reassured.

My next step was to arrange the chiffon along the diameter of the skirt’s lining. That was all I could really do without tackling the sewing machine, so I promptly woke my mum out of her peaceful slumber, just as a kid’s expected to do.

After my mum woke up she whipped this together! Here’s a close-up…

… And here’s the full thing! It’s not finished, but it’s pretty darn close to being done!

– Gabrielle Bayona


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