The Kate Dress

Once again, I must admit I was tardy in getting you these photos. My days have literally been running bolting away from me; it’d be 5:30 one minute and the next it’d be two in the morning. There are two things on my Christmas wish-list, and they are: 1) to have more than 24 hours in a day, 2) that hourglass necklace Hermione had in the third Harry Potter novel.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the gown! Though it was and always will be Bonny’s idea to build our Maya dress with a lace top, we still opted to name this gown after the first gal who bought this particular one with it’s unique features. Congratulations, Kate, on your wedding dress =)

Bodice: Off-White Lace
Skirt: Off-White Chiffon (and 16 yards of it!)
Lining: Ivory Charmeuse
Band: Off-White Raw Silk

As you can see, the side of this dress is less revealing than our “Maya” Dress. As well, the straps are thicker and the front’s slit is a tiny bit more conservative.

And everybody’s favorite feature of this dress- the backlessness.

– Gabrielle Bayona

PS: This dress is LONG!! I’m standing on two platforms and am still too short for it! We’ll probably be cutting it a bit shorter in the near future.


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