Sparkle Me Pretty

I’ve been searching far and wide (well, as far and wide as pinterest’s borders allow me) for inspiration because I really want to design a new dress for you guys. Winter break is approaching, things are going to get busy, and I feel like my responsibilities are plummeting on me like the waters of Niargra Falls but for some reason I’m sitting here gazing at False Creek. Sigh…

During the inspiration binge I just took, I found myself drawn to all things sparkly, shiny, and new. It’s just one of those little things which makes me happy, yennno? I have decided that anything metallic will be this week’s favourite thing.

Yeah, that’s right. I even took the time to dump some letters on that picture of sequins ;). Here’re some pretty pictures of pretty things. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Such lovely dresses.

Elie Saab yes please.

Such a creative way to add a bit’o shine! I definitely wanna do a dress with something like this one day.

Those bows are clipped on. Christmas present idea?

This bag would look so perfect with Ellebay’s chiffon dresses.

I’m not the type to lust over furniture, but my word this chair is pure genius!

– Merly Bayona


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