The Sequinned Dress

I am so obsessed with glitter right now. Slowly but magically, it is becoming my favourite thing in the entire universe. Last night I spent a solid two hours looking at photos of sparkly things while listening to a whole lotta Ke$ha. She tells life as it is: glitter on the floor, throw glitter till it rains, glitter on your eyes. Perfect soundtrack to my sleepless night.

Lemme tell you – I’m so happy I can justify all that time wasted because of my work. Here’s a little something I threw together on the mannequin. After a lot of misses over the past hour, I think I may have gotten a hit.

I have no idea what to do with the skirt yet, but that’s roughly what I’m thinking of doing for the bodice. Here’re a few things that are running through my mind concerning the end product:

1) Love the peep-hole in the bodice, so I’m hoping it’ll work. I’m mainly scared of it drooping and am putting all faith in excessive bodice boning,
2) I’m worried that having a double bow in the back will look too busy, or that it won’t provide enough structure to hold the gown up. I may do a zipper or clutch in place of the bottom tie. Definitely keeping the top bow though; it reminds me of summer and bandeaus at the beach, sigh…
3) I have no idea what pattern to use, especially considering the unique back on this gown. I may use the same pattern as our Lizzie dress to form the bust cups, but we’ll see how that goes.
4) I’m stuck on what colour the lining should be! Since I plan to use an off-white chiffon for the skirt, the material underneath will give the gown obvious undertones. Here the three I’m thinking of right now:

The one to the left is off-white charmeuse, the middle is a warm ivory charmeuse, and the one of the far left is a dark pinkish-champagne charmeuse. As you can see, the off-white chiffon mutes the colour, but it’s still quite visible.

Stay tuned to find out!
– Gabrielle Bayona


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