The Shawn Dress

The gown’s finished, and it already has a name! Congrats Shawn, on what will soon be your graduation dress! I’m so sad I missed seeing you in the gown- why oh why didn’t I wait another 30 minutes to grab my ice cream 😦

For all those who didn’t get a sneak peak today at the shop, here’s what the finished product looks like!

Dress Specs:
Bodice : Copper “Valentina” Sequins
Bodice Lining: Ivory Duchess Satin
Skirt : Off-White Chiffon
Skirt Lining: Ivory Charmeuse

Besides the material content, this dress has an even cooler feature. You ready?

Booooooom. That’s right- it’s a two-piece.

We really need to make more skirt-separates at Ellebay. Mixing-and-matching would be easier than ever before!

Just as pretty, hey? I can’t decide which skirt I like more on this bodice…

 Btw, we’re making a new dress this week! Already have a style in mind and errrthang! Can’t wait to make my first post about it =)

– Gabrielle Bayona


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