Thank You

This year has brought tons of blessings and so many wonderful people into my life. I wish I could thank all of the people on my personal thank-you list, but the Ellebay one is already long enough! Thank you, a million times over, to everybody on this list, off this list, and reading this list. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


To the friends and family who have supported and helped grow Ellebay…

Carina: Thank you for all the rides and being an amazing supporter and friend for my mum.
Peter: For the countless times you’ve helped over the past 10 years, from our first bridal shop on Hastings Street to our current one in New West. You’ve always been there for us, thank you so much.
Jaz: You make my many fabric store runs enjoyable! Thanks for your patience, advice, kind words, and all those times you’ve surprised me with the best East Indian cuisine.
Alex: We have no idea what we would have done without you! You were the best contractor Ellebay could’a ever asked for, and the most humble and kind one too.
Steve: Thank you so much for your generous help, smile, friendship, and for whisking us away to the best eateries in town.
Gary: For always stopping by the shop and saying hello, regardless of the time of night. Also, thanks for always making sure you have Arizona in stock; you know how much I love ’em.
Auntie: Thank you for being so willing to make fabric runs, bring food, and just help out in general. You’re the best!
The Sambires: You guys were a godsend during Ellebay’s renovation process, and we’re so thankful to have had you guys there for us. You all are such a great bunch, and Canada misses you!
Ron: Thank you for being such a patient and  understanding landlord. Without your support I have no idea where Ellebay would be located.
Abigail: Best intern ever! Even though your schedule is tight, we really appreciate you coming in and helping out.
Michelle: Thanks for thinking of me whenever you see a pretty dress, the ride to Rokko’s the other day, and for being my favourite model and best companion a girl could ask for.
Rochelle: For your photography, constant dress inspiration, company whenever it’s lonely at the hop, and all those rides to anywhere. Also, for having an awesome soundtrack to all of the above!
Clarissa:  For those times when you’ve rescued me from a late night at the shop and brought me some much needed sanity-time at Tim Hortons. Also, for the time you walked the catwalk and were all-round fabulous, ow owww.
Eryka: Thanks a ton for getting your prom dress from us, for letting us take pictures of you, and for those times you’ve let the fierceness loose on the catwalk.
Torri: For being part of our fashion show and for the countless times you’ve modelled for us. You’re beautiful inside and out.
Devan, Nancy, Tanisha, and Julia: Thanks a ton for being beautiful in our dresses, and letting us take photos to prove it! This post also goes out to your parents, for giving y’all damn good genes.
Christin Gilbert, Jenny Ruth, Jeffrey Fairbanks, Facade West Salon, and Mikaela Ruth: You guys were all dream-teams; I’m so grateful to have worked with such talented and passionate people. Thank you!
Eric: Thanks a ton for your behind-the-scenes video and photographs! I watched it this morning and definitely reminisced about the day.
Jose: Thanks for the countless times you’ve helped me out and been there for me. Seriously- countless. Also, thanks for being an awesome helper during our photo shoot earlier this year and for helping out during the shop’s renos!
Lara, Jessica, Elliot C, Charlene, KC, and Jon: Thanks so much for helping with our big move from 704 Columbia to 708 Columbia! Y’all are the best.
Elliot P: Your being there during all those photo shoots this summer was the best. Thanks so much for helping out with Ellebay’s reno process too!
Jessica, Nicolette, Savannah, and Aimee: First off, thanks so much for purchasing your prom dress from Ellebay! Second, thanks for making the time to meet up with me and take photos. I swear, Ellebay gets the prettiest customers!
Cheylene: I can hardly believe how far we’ve gone since you first bought your prom dress from us last year. Thanks for being my first client, first video subject, first dress photoshoot, and an awesome friend.
Sarah: Thank you for designing the best logo EVER. I work with it on a weekly basis and still love it; such’a talent!
Jeffrey: Thanks so much for our awesome website, and for being so willing to start fresh and make a new one. Also, I’d just like to say that this blog started from your advice in the first place. Props.

 To all of the shop’s clients…

Thank you for trusting my mum and I with the creation of your dress! Without your support, our business wouldn’t be around. You ladies are the rhyme and reason behind what we do; you give cause to continue what it is that we’re passionate about. Thank you for telling your friends about us, for the pictures and emails, and for being such a joy to work with. Are “bridezillas” real or a myth, cause each and every one of you were fun, joyful, and had such a beautiful glow and aura about you. Thank you a million times over, to all our past, present, and future customers. Muah!

Re-reading this has really made me realize how lucky my mum and I both are. Honestly and truly.
– Gaby Bayona

PS:  This started out as a Christmas post featuring a few thank yous, but soon turned into quite the opposite. A christmas post will be up at midnight AND it’ll be featuring a brand new dress 😉


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